Unlimited Push-to-Talk • Seamless Roaming • Low Monthly Fee

Nexacell starts as low as $19 per month per user (equipment cost are not included.) This includes one location and unlimited push-to-talk. This is about half the cost of Cellular plans that include unlimited push-to-talk. Installation and programming fees do apply.

Unlimited Voice Plan – $19 Month/Radio
Digital Coverage
1 Talk Group

Voice & Data Plan – $26 Month/Radio
Digital Coverage
1 Talk Group
GPS Radio Location

TRBO Select Plan – Includes MOTOTRBO Radio
Includes New MOTOTRBO Radio
Digital Coverage
1 Talk Group
Portable Radios $34-44 per month
Mobile Radios $34 per month

Voice & GPS Options (Pricing is per Month/Radio)
Add Additional Talk Group $2.00
Add Private Call $5.00
Basic Radio-to-Radio Text Messaging $2.00
GPS Location $7.00
Programming & Activation Fess do apply. Installation fees apply to all mobile radios.

Every customer has unique needs so pricing tends to vary depending on any options you wish to include. Contact a Sales Rep today for a free demo and pricing on a system catered to your business needs.