Integration Services

Nexacell provides remote access to MOTOTRBO radios via IP Networks. PC-based client software presents a user with either a console for dispatching simultaneous radio channels ( Dispatch), or a virtual radio head that duplicates the full functionality of a control station ( Solo). As shown in the diagram, a system may have a mixture of Dispatch and Solo Clients. The IP Gateways interface the radio system to an IP network, ensuring easy wide-area deployment without purchasing and configuring server PCs.

TurboVUi combines flexibility to solve any Radio-Over-IP challenges, ease of system expansion, and cost savings over other solutions.

The Dispatch client offers a console-type solution for applications requiring Dispatch connection to many MOTOTRBO radios (control stations). It is designed with an intuitive user interface to minimize learning time and maximize a user’s efficiency. The IP Gateways and control station radios can be scattered among different locations, or centrally located. A host of accessories are available to implement an enterprise solution; including desk microphones, headsets, foot switches, and touch screens – all with PTT capabilities.

The Solo client presents a virtual radio on a PC’s desktop. With a PC or Solo Client Laptop, and a network connection, group or private calls are as easy as making a selection from the subscriber list, then clicking the Push-to-Talk button. Use Turbo VUi Solo client for simultaneous radio sharing instead of tone remotes; this simpler solution allows users of the shared radio to have push-to-talk and listen capabilities, as well as access to all other radio functions. Solo can also be used for situations when someone is outside of radio coverage, yet still needs to communicate on the radio system, such as:

  • Supervisory remote monitoring of radio channels
  • Underground or building facilities that prevent radio communications
  • A home office that is beyond the coverage area of a radio system
  • A temporary travel situation removing you from the coverage area
  • With Solo and an IP connection, users can stay in “radio” contact.